winebottlesIt’s easy to accumulate a number of empty bottles in your home (we totally understand.) Some bottles are really cool looking and it can be hard to let them go… there must be something you can do with them, right? Don’t stick a candle in them and line them up on your mantle like it’s your freshman year of college – you’re an actual grown-up now and it’s time to get fancy with your bottle creations. Here are some DIY ideas to help bring out your inner Martha Stewart:



  • Fill it with Christmas lights. It sounds tacky, but we promise it can look very classy and cool. The main goal is to safely drill a small hole in the wine bottle so that you can string the lights in through it. Get the bottle all clean and label-free, put a small piece of tape on the area you want to drill (it will stay more stable) and then start drilling in that spot. Go easy and slow. Remember that you are trying to drill a hole in glass – don’t put a lot of pressure on it and be patient.


  • Turn it into a chalkboard. This idea actually works for empty or full bottles. Just buy some chalkboard paint (yes, this is a real thing) and paint the bottles. We recommend cleaning the outside of the bottles well, making sure to remove the label and any of the yuckies left behind. Once the bottles are completely dry, you can grab a piece of chalk and decorate them however you like. It works like a real chalkboard, so you can always wipe your design off and create a new one whenever you want.


  • Other fun ideas:
    • Paint them any color you want
    • Wrap them tightly in twine
    • Turn them into tiki torches

Make hanging planters/lanterns/chandeliers