rs_500x281-160218113045-oscars-5-wine-captainWine is the best kind of friend. It’s always there when you need it most. And just like the hundreds of different kinds of friends a person can have, there are hundreds of different kinds of wine. And now you have the opportunity to create even more varieties. Thanks to New Jersey’s California WineWorks, anyone can become a winemaker. Their “focus is on you, your wine and having fun. By paring down wine-making to its simplest form and demystifying the process, they hope to encourage a life-long interest in making wine.”

The experience is unlike any other wine shop. The possibilities are endless. With different grapes and barrels to choose from, the price per bottle can be anywhere from $10 to $60 (the average bottle costs about $30). Some clients replicate already existing wine while others are more adventurous and try out new flavors. The owner, Mr. Cicciari, describes himself as a coach, since he is the one who helps the customers through the process.

Just think Paint Nite minus the paint. And more wine.