Ladies, start your glue guns. This project is not original, but MUST be shared. Tuck it away for a bachelorette, Valentine’s Day, or your best friend’s birthday.

It’s the Booze Bottle Bouquet.

No two are alike. They can be geared towards men, towards women, or a specific spirit. Have a friend who only drinks whiskey? Make a whiskey bouquet with all different brands.

Here are the basic instructions, as found on

What You Need:
• Nips of giftee’s preference
• Wooden skewer sticks
• Hot glue
• A basket, bucket, pot or anything to hold all of your stuff
• Styrofoam (to stick the sticks in the pot)
• Fun decorations and filling
(We suggest paint pens, liquor candies, nail polish, scratch tickets, coasters, crinkled tissue paper — This calls for a trip to the Dollar Store.)

How To:
First, paint bucket with a paint pen and tie a ribbon around it to make it cooler than just a bucket. Decorate however you want or leave it plain (boring).

Then, hot glue the mini liquor bottles to the sticks. (Don’t worry about plastic bottles melting. Also, if you are using a heavy glass bottle, use more than one stick for added support.)

Place styrofoam in the bucket and place sticks in, arranging at different heights. Don’t be afraid to cut the sticks.

Finish by adding goodies to cover styrofoam.

If you attempt one feel free to send it through, we’re on Facebook and Pinterest. Or even better… leave tips in the comments to help out your fellow DIY-ers.

Please Note: This article was originally posted on 1/19/12 and updated on 2/14/23.