giphyIf candy and booze are your two favorite things, this post is for you. We thought why not put the two together and make some bomb-@ss drinks. With Halloween fast approaching, that means there’s going to be candy around every corner. Might as well drink up if you’re gonna eat up! Let’s adult-ify your favorite sweet treats!

For Cotton Candy lovers, try a Magic Cotton Candy Martini. Combine cotton candy with grape juice and vanilla vodka and you’ve got a deliciously sweet treat. You can also make a kid-friendly version (drop the vodka obviously). Watch the cotton candy disappear as you pour the liquid mixture over it in a martini glass! Recipe

For Twizzler lovers, try a Cherry Bulldog. Bing cherries, star anise, gin and port mixed together encompasses everything you love about Twizzlers. Pro tip: use a Twizzler (or Red Vine) as a straw! Recipe

For Reese’s lovers, try a Chocomole. We know you dig for these bad boys in every candy assortment bag. A chocomole is just as delicious, it combines a Mexican chocolate mixture that uses peanut butter, as well as chile powder and tequila. Recipe

For Tootsie Roll lovers, try a Tootsie Roll. Rye whiskey, Pedro Ximenez sherry and chocolate bitters spell sophisticated indulgence- even if you have one of the classic mini chocolate logs on the side. Recipe

For Sugar Daddy lovers, try a Hot Caramel Buttered Rum. This caramel laden take on a Hot Buttered Rum is as delicious as it sounds. It’s got rum, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and honey. Recipe

For Airhead lovers, try a Basil Watermelon Cooler. Ditch the artificially flavored candy and try this delicious cocktail instead. Watermelon, ginger and basil come together with vodka and lime juice for a perfectly refreshing drink. Recipe