040601_Sofia_Mini_4pack_6p.grid-6x2Most sparkling wine is stilled served in 750 ml bottles; however, the wine connoisseurs at Francis Ford Coppola are trying something new. Introducing Coppola’s Sofia Blanc de Blancs: sparkling wine in a can.

If you think you’re too classy to drink sparkling wine out of a can, just wait until you taste it. Coppola’s wine is blended from pinot blanc and sauvignon blanc grapes as well as 8% Muscat. Muscat gives it subtle, sweet overtones that will sit very comfortably on the palates of fruity cocktail lovers. It has crisp apple and tangerine flavors with notes of honey and lemon and exotic passion fruit aromas.

Coppola wanted to offer its customers a more affordable way to drink sparkling wine. After all, not a lot of young drinkers have the bank account to adorn their table with a bottle of Dom or Cristal. Additionally, they wanted customers to be able to have a single serving of wine without wasting the rest or having to buy a wine stopper. It’s also the perfect drink for the regular clubgoer. It’s easy to hold at the bar, you can fanatically dance without spilling, and it’s ideal for pool clubs when glass is a big no-no.

Coppola is one of the first wineries to put their sparkling wine in a can. However, it’s not just any can. Four cans come in an elegant, decorative, pink box that sells for $20. And best of all, it comes with a matching straw!