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Excellent news, yet another study has been released which alludes to a health benefit in drinking red wine. Based off previous research a current study is looking into whether or not a specific extract found in grapes, the main ingredient in wine duh, reduces weight gain and burns fat. Years ago studies confirmed that a glass of red wine a day benefits your heart health and now this, hallelujah!

And if you even need an explanation, we’re about to fill you in. Back in the lab scientists have tested human fat and liver cells with a red grape extract and found that it slows fat gain and assisted the liver cells in burning fat faster, yay science! Apparently this little miracle is caused by ellagic acid which is common in a variety of “oaky” red wines. Now, they aren’t exactly saying that a glass of red wine should replace your gym routine, but you know that we’re always looking for an excuse to drink. So cheers to red wine, we believe it will be up there some day with avocados and kale as first superbeverage!