giphyThe holidays are a time to indulge. Diets are long forgotten. Second helpings are never questioned. If you aren’t over eating and over drinking- kudos to you for the self restraint. For those of you with less self control (like us), we have booze infused holiday candy for you to try:

Candy Cane Tequila. Has anyone ever received a package of candy canes without at least one being broken? We think it’s physically impossible for every single one to be in tact. We have a great way to repurpose those poor, sad, broken candy canes. Crush ten mini ones up and throw them into a cup of blanco tequila. Stir, cap it and shake vigorously. The broken canes will infuse in about a day. The finished product is bright pink (just make sure to strain out the candy gunk at the bottom). We recommend spiking your hot cocoa with this or just take it as a shot and chase with some chocolate.

Gingerbread Peep Vodka. Peeps aren’t just for Easter anymore. Now the company is making freakin’ adorable Gingerbread people peeps. Grab three gingerpeeps, pour 1 cup of vodka into a cup and rip those lil peeps to shreds. Mash with a spoon or give it a good shake. After 24 hours, the peeps turn into marshmallow mush. Strain the shiz out to get the finish product: a beautiful chocolate brown liquid. With a sweet taste and a healthy bite, this concoction would taste great mixed with Baileys, eggnog or even milk.

Chocolate Orange Rum. What’s more satisfying than cracking one of those foil-wrapped chocolate oranges? Throwing those slices into a jar of spiced rum. Shake it every so often to help the flavors meld. After 24 hours of waiting, we promise you won’t be disappointed. The chocolate flavor comes through in a smooth, warm way that’s not overly sweet. This one is fine on the rocks, or add a splash of soda.

Gummy Christmas Tree Pisco. Chuck five green Christmas trees into one cup of pisco and five red into another. Stir vigorously to yield a nice, baby pink and bright green colored piscos. The flavor is delicately sweet without being overpowering. It makes for a festive take on a pisco sour!

Ribbon Candy Bourbon. We recommend the cinnamon flavor for this recipe. You only need two or three pieces to dissolve in a cup a bourbon. This one requires almost no waiting time. The ribbon candy dissolved almost immediately, especially if you break it up into smaller pieces. With a taste of spiced bourbon and a hint of cinnamon, this will tickle all the way down. Its aroma is strong but the taste is subtler than you think. Try it with a twist of citrus.