If we’ve got wine in one hand, we’ve got lipstick in the other. As two staple products of women across cultures, wine and lipstick are a killer duo for a sophisticated evening, daytime excursion, or bountiful brunch. But if we thought wine and lip tick were a classic combo before, now its absolute. Proving wine is useful in countless ways, BITE Beauty Company has created a lip product containing the antioxidants found in red wine.

We’ve heard before that red wine (in moderation) can actually have positive affects on heart health, but another main benefit of wine is its remarkable anti-aging effects. Over a life time, our skin is exposed to free radicals that gradually kill our healthy skin cells. This results in wrinkles and aged looking skin. So where does wine come into play? (a question to common out of our minds). Red wine contains antioxidants–polyphenol and resveratrol–that reduce the formation of these free radicals and therefore prevent the killing of healthy skin cells. By adding the amount of resveratrol found in five glasses of wine into one lipstick–that’s right, five– BITE has taken their products to the next level.

Plus, do remember that what you are putting on your lips, you are essentially eating– so might as well make it something you love. Thanks to wine and lipstick loving ladies at BITE Beauty, we can find peace of mind knowing our lips will forever be luscious and plump!