enhanced-2593-1456108001-11Happy Cat Day to all you kitty lovers! Your cat is probably your best friend, which means that some nights there is nothing better than just kickin’ it with your furry friend. Still, just because you stay in and hang with your pet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t relax and have a drink. So we rounded up some very easy to make (and delicious) drinks to make your chill night in with your cat even better.

Wine. And we’re not talking about wine just for you. There’s now “cat wine” so you don’t have to feel like a lonely homebody while drinking on your own. Apollo Peak All-Natural Cat Wine has no alcohol in it, but still, it’ll take your night, and your cat’s, to the next level.

Kangaroo. It’s a martini made of vodka and it’s the bomb. You get to feel sophisticated in the comfort of your home, which let’s face it, doesn’t happen very often. So if gin isn’t your thing and vodka’s got your back, try the Kangaroo and hopefully your fur ball won’t get too jealous.

Bitter Mimosa. If you slept in and “woke up like this, flawless,” this drink should be your go-to. It’s a mimosa but a little bitter with the addition of Cynar. Your cat will love the fact that this drink will brighten your mood and you’ll be ready to cuddle.

Image and drink recipes