A lady can never get enough spa treatments. A good facial, massage or wrap will give your poor dry, skin some much needed moisture – and the comfy warm beds are heaven-on-earth. That’s why we got excited when we heard about a big spa trend across the pond, especially in the Czech Republic and Germany. Okay, we’ll give you a hint: beer.

People looking for some relaxation are seeking out medicinal beer baths; these are large metal tubs or barrels filled with mineral water, beer, hops, and yeast… and you get to lounge in there like it’s a hot tub. As crazy as it sounds, there actually seems to be a whole science behind it. The beer is heated to exactly 93.2 degrees and each component of the beer soak plays a part in your health:

• The heat helps sweat out toxins in your body
• Hops exfoliate your skin
• Active beer yeast infuses your body with vitamins
• The entire mixture is also thought to help with acne, muscle tension, joints and the immune system

In the western Czechoslovakian village of Chodova Plana, you can get a 20 minute soak for $33 and it’s prepared by a nurse specializing in beer therapy (Um, not fair – that was not a major at our college). Afterwards, they wrap you up in a warm, fleece blanket to let you rest.

The biggest selling point? Most of these spas even give you a free pint of beer with your bath.

Has anyone ever heard of this in the United States? If not, we need to get this trend over here ASAP because suddenly oatmeal milk and honey wraps don’t seem as appealing anymore.