giphyNow that winter is long gone (for most of us), we’re assuming that you’re probably on the hunt for anything and everything that will revive every stand of your dry hair-do – we know we are. There is nothing worse than trying to be presentable at work with a mane of hay attached to your head. Next time you’re looking to save money and pamper yourself (and/or another lucky someone!), don’t even consider opening the beauty cabinet – head for the liquor cabinet instead. Today, we bring to you Beauty & Booze pt. II: helping out your hair.

Vodka Hair Toner
If you’re a hair product hoarder and/or tend to use a lot of product in your hair – listen up. If you feel that your locks are looking a bit dull, skip the clarifying shampoo and instead mix 1 shot of vodka into your bottle of shampoo to help clean your hair and scalp. Some even claim vodka can stimulate hair growth, too.

Champagne Marinade for Shine
Champagne isn’t for New Year’s Eve- it’s for your hair too. Pop a bottle before a big night out and as you sip a glass of bubbly, let your hair marinate in a mixture of one-half cup of champagne and one half cup of water. Your hair will be shinier and more voluminous, and you won’t have to spend any money on a blow out.

De-Frizzing Beer Treatment
If winter hats and dry heat have your hair all frizzy, take one cup of flat, room-temperature beer and work it into your hair after shampooing. The vitamin B and natural sugars in the brew will add body and shine to your hair, while acting as a natural setting lotion that de-frizzes while increasing resilience, vitality and hold. Rinse with cold water and you’re set.

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