giphyNow that winter is long gone (for most of us), we’re assuming that you’re probably on the hunt for anything and everything that will revive every inch of your dry skin – we know we are. There is nothing worse than trying to live your life with an unreachable itch in the middle of your back. Next time you’re looking to save money and pamper yourself (and/or another lucky someone!), don’t even consider opening the medicine cabinet – head for the liquor cabinet instead. Today, we bring to you Beauty & Booze pt. I: rejuvenating the ol’ hands and feet.

Melon Martini Manicure:
Mix rum (which acts as an antiseptic), lime juice (rich alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate dead skin cells), sugar (for manual exfoliation), olive oil (to moisturize), shredded coconut (to exfoliate and add a tropical scent) and mashed cantaloupe (rich in antioxidants and vitamin A) and apply to hands (or feet). Massage into skin for 2-3 minutes before rinsing (and following with your polish of choice!).

Beer Pedicure:
Fill a bowl or basin with enough warm water to cover your ankles and pour in half of a bottle of beer. The yeast in the beer will soften the bottoms of feet while the alcohol kills bacteria and works as a natural antiseptic. Keep your feet in the mixture for 10-15 minutes before moisturizing (and polishing, if you plan to). If your feet need even more love, use a foot file to further scrub your feet before applying moisturizer.

Vodka Foot Bath:
To reduce foot odor, soak your feet in a vodka bath. Just mix cold water with cheap vodka to kill odor-causing bacteria.

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