You don’t have to be a fashionista to know the name “Jimmy Choo.” Whether your favorite place to buy shoes is Payless or Neiman Marcus, you have undoubtedly eyed a fierce pair of Jimmy Choos once (or twice) in your life. We blame Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City” for introducing him and his crazy expensive shoes into our lives.

For all you women who wish you could own a pair of Jimmy Choo heels, a Hong Kong bar has just what you need: a good, stiff drink. The Lounge & Bar at The Ritz Carlton has dedicated the entire month of September to Jimmy Choo and they have two wonderful alcoholic creations available for bar patrons to mark the occasion.

Lewis Tsang, a fourth-generation member of a winemaking family and world-class mixologist, created the “His & Her” cocktails to celebrate the release of Jimmy Choo’s Fall/Winter 2014 shoe collections for both men and women. Speaking with Travel Pulse, Tsang described his thought process behind crafting the two cocktails.

  • The “Her” cocktail, “Cotton Berry Cloud”: Tsang started with a martini glass, which just reminded him of the modern design and silhouette of a sexy Jimmy Choo heel. Looking at the fall line’s colors, he drew inspiration from the dark orchid tones that were used and made a frozen raspberry blend with vodka, elderflower liqueur, and a hint of fresh lime juice. The “cloud” portion of the drink comes in the form of a fluffy piece of pink cotton candy sitting on top of the drink.
  • The “His” cocktail, “Leather Revolution”: For this cocktail, Tsang wanted to tap into the “bold masculinity” of the men’s line and considered the warm brown leathers used to design the shoes. The final creation is a combination of French herbal liqueur with a smoky 18-year-old Islay single malt whisky to create a blend of cigar and leather flavorings. There is a dash of Italian vermouth added with a touch of bitter sweetness and Tsang shakes the concoction; he does not stir.

We don’t know if you have any plans to hit up Hong Kong this month, but if for some reason you do, don’t forget to drop by The Lounge & Bar at The Ritz Carlton to try these two cocktails out. If you’re like us and will not be in Hong Kong any time soon, you can still experiment and try to make these drinks at home. We don’t know the exact measurements for the ingredients, but that is half the fun! Experiment and adjust the recipes according to your own taste.