There’s a place on the Internet where bloggers have voices beyond their posts:, where you can plug in keywords, like “wine” and “women” and listen to a range of cool convos with connoisseurs and experts.
Topics certainly aren’t limited to beverages and women. You can hear people spout off about anything and everything. But it’s where we occasionally go to listen to some female perspectives about the wine, beer and spirits world.
There’s plenty of good listening for men, too. We just happened to glom onto ladies like Julie Brosterman (search: “women” and “wine”) and Jazzie Chanel (search: “cabernet”).
Just add a glass of fill-in-the-blank, and unwind.
The good thing and the bad thing about blogtalkradio is that anyone can post. So you may have to wade through some pretty amateur stuff. There is also the obligatory intro ad, which thankfully isn’t too long.
Who knows? Maybe you have something to say yourself. If so, welcome to your soapbox.