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It’s Spring Break for many in the U.S. and we’re more than a little jealous. But it’s the surge in social media posts on “How to Get Your Beach Body Now!” that makes us want to drink. And now, a new pre-made vodka cocktail has all the good with none of the guilt. Social Lite is a pre-mixed combination of premium vodka and refreshing all-natural ingredients. It currently comes in two refreshing flavors: lime & ginger and lemon, cucumber & mint. The “Sin Free Vodka” has only 80 calories per can and no sweeteners.

Frustrated by drinks that were made with high-sugar flavors to mask mediocre vodka, creators Dan Beach and Kevin Folk created Social Lite as a “health-inspired” drink. Their pursuit of an active lifestyle paired with an enjoyment of pouring a cold one inspired the duo to come up with a boozy beverage without the regrets. The canned coolers have 4% ABV—which means you can have a few and still make it to your workout in the morning (or to non-hungover brunch). Currently, Social Lite is available in Alberta, Canada. We can see ourselves sipping Social Lite on the slopes or on the sand and hope that it makes its way to the U.S. sooner rather than later!