Back in the fall, we told you about these amazing new machines in breweries that let you pour whatever beer you wanted by yourself. We never thought things could get any better than that but it looks like they have. This week, the Minnesota Twins announced that self-serve beer stations are up and running at Target Field. And just like that, we became Twins fans.

The stations, dutifully named DraftServ, are the genius work of concession company Delaware North and our friends at Anheuser-Busch. So how do these magic beer stations work you ask? Go to the cash register, show your ID and add $10 or $20 worth of beer on a preloaded card. Bonus: Target Field will be the home of the MLB All-Star game next week and cards can be loaded with up to $50.

Once your card is locked and loaded, you hit up the stations where you can choose between four different beers and how much beer you want poured. Right now, Bud and Bud Light will cost $0.38 an ounce while Shock Top and Goose Island will be a little more at $0.40 per ounce.

There are a few catches. Attendants will be at the stations checking IDs of anyone who looks to be under thirty years old. In addition, you can’t pour more than forty-eight ounces of beer per fifteen minutes. Honestly, that should be enough if you ask us. And the obvious: you won’t be permitted to purchase if you’re clearly intoxicated.

If these self-serve beer stations run smoothly, who knows the next ballpark that will put them in action? Your city may be next.