heinekenigniteWe love it when brands do cool things that fans can enjoy. And Heineken aims to please.


The project is called Heineken Ignite and it takes those iconic green beer bottles and gives them a fancy little makeover. The bottles use LEDs and wireless sensors to light up when two bottles are clinked together, while a person is drinking, or even to synch up to a musical beat to create a cool light show. Heineken rallied a team of specialists and, according to them, put them “on a mission to create a pioneering Heineken experience for people to interact with during a nightclub occasion.”


Giz Mag reports on what’s behind rigging the lights and while we’re not scientifically-inclined, it seems like an awful lot of technology for one little bottle. Every bottle has a 3D-printed housing that attaches to the bottom and conceals the electronic components. Each one has 8 LED lights, an 8-bit microprocessor, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a battery, and a wireless network transceiver with an antenna. We don’t even know what half of those words mean.


Don’t get too excited – these bottles aren’t set for widespread distribution just yet. They made their debut at Milan Design Week to showcase their “Lounge of the Future” concept and only 200 bottles were made for the event. Since their goal was to create a fun nightclub experience, you’re probably not going to find these babies in your local liquor store any time soon. We do hope that Heineken will consider making more than the original 200 and distribute them to bars and nightclubs across the U.S.


Oh, and we’d love to see the YouTube videos that would undoubtedly follow the national release of these bottles. Heineken bottles synced up to Gangnam Style? Yes, please.