0242e72c17dfe5e1ab8954718b54df62After a night of heavy drinking, you can usually feel the effects of what you dragged your body through the night before. Pounding head, sensitive eyes, zero coordination—all sensations that your poor hungover self cannot ignore. However, there is one part of your body that is usually forgotten because you can’t even feel it; it is the part that is damaged most after drinking: your liver.

If you really like your alcohol, worry not; there might be a way to reduce some of those damages from your wild college days. Dr. Oliver Kennedy, a researcher at Southampton University, conducted a study that uncovered drinking coffee may help lessen the risk of the kind of liver damage caused by a lot of late, boozy nights. Researchers involved almost half a million men and women and found that drinking a total of four cups of Joe reduces your risk of liver damage by 65%! They can’t seem to figure out what it is about coffee that helps our livers magically recover, but we’re all for it!

Coffee can indeed help diminish the risk of liver damage, but that does not mean you should be downing a full pot every morning after throwing back some shots. Coffee is very beneficial for the long term, but unfortunately it will not make your hangover disappear (we were disappointed too). So, the next time you think your liver might need a little break, brew up some coffee and thank your liver for keeping you alive after all those keg stands, shotguns, and shooters you totally thought you could handle but definitely didn’t.