You want to be healthy.


You want to drink.


You wish healthy drinks were a thing. Well they kind of are… if you’re the one making them.







Here are a few tips from Greatist on how to make low-calorie cocktail hour happen at your house.

  1. Cranberry Juice Cocktail is a LIE. Gor for 100% juice 100% of the time.
  2. Sugar? Girl, bye. Nix the sugar and make honey simple syrup instead. Better taste, more antioxidants.
  3. Regulate the dehydrate. Drinks with caffeine dehydrate you faster. And gives you a hangover that makes you hate Yesterday You.
  4. 8 oz. is all you need. Make each drink 8 oz. to keep calories down. If you drink eight 8 oz. drinks, this article is probably not for you.
  5. Gang’s all here. Ginger, lemon and other fresh ingredients bring their own healthy benefits to your drink. And your bod.

Follow these 5 tips and you’ll be able to make living a healthy lifestyle feel al little less restrictive and a little more fun.

Maybe start tonight after the gym?

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