ByTheBottleThere are a few good wine magazines out there, but let’s face it – some of them can be stuffy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but there’s definitely room for a little more variety. That’s why we were psyched to hear that wine blogger Vim Chatwani has recently released a wine magazine that sounds like it’s right up our alley.


The new magazine is called “By The Bottle” and it is a free, tablet-only publication; you can find it in the Apple App Store in the Food & Drink category.


“By The Bottle” is made to be light-hearted and useful for casual wine drinkers, professionals with years of experience, and everything in between. Chatwani said they wanted to create something that bridged the gap between snotty, boring writing for wine “experts,” and writing that was over-simplified and patronizing. The part we love about this magazine is the fact that most of the content isn’t written by trained journalists – contributions are accepted from anyone who is passionate about wine and feels they have something interesting to say.


Georgie Clarke, editor of “By The Bottle,” said “it was important to us to create something that didn’t only talk about wine. This magazine is for people who love wine but who also want a magazine that includes articles of interest from all areas of life. It offers a blend of articles that range from being fun and lighthearted to serious and provocative, as well as topics relating to life in general, such as fashion, recreation and food.”


We’re always up for reading new drinking publications, so we’re looking forward to trying out “By The Bottle.” You can’t really beat the free price tag, so there’s no reason not to try it out.