Some days we wish we could jump in a time machine and ditch all the responsibility that comes with adulthood, and then we remember that if we could go back to being an innocent kid we would seriously miss one thing, drinking. Recently we discovered a way to relive our childhood while also partaking in our favorite pastime. A bartender out of Spokane, WA who goes by the pen name Cocktails by Cody has created an entire collection of Disney cocktails inspired by all-time favorite characters, stories and films.

The fun cocktails are fitting for many occasions. Cheer up your friend who has just been dumped and remind them to, let it go, with a Frozen inspired Coldfront cocktail. Or pick yourself up after a long and exhausting week at the office with a Grumpy shot. Check out the full list of cocktails here and cheers with your friends to your favorite Disney character, whether it be a snarky villain or heroic princess.