YouGottaEatThis-ReGrained-coverDid you know that only 10% of the ingredients used to make your favorite brews actually end up in your glass? Most brewers can’t help but have a lot of leftover “spent grain,” and while some simply throw it away, others find a way to repurpose it. While some breweries partner with farmers who recycle spent grain as animal feed or compost, others, especially those residing in a city, don’t have that option.

For this reason the fine folks at ReGrained have discovered that spent grain has unique food qualities; it contains fiber, protein and has an interesting texture and flavor, making it an ideal baking ingredient. As such the small “Granola bar” company has made their mission to build recipes around this “spent grain,” ultimately generating sustainable products baked with all natural, locally sourced ingredients.

Offering breads, granola bars, cookies, cereals, chips and more, ReGrained has been successful in their mantra to “Brew Good. Bake Good. Do Good”: every item from their kitchen is 100% sustainable. The grain they utilize comes from local microbreweries committed to crafting quality beer, and they partner with other local groups to obtain any other all natural elements needed for their recipes. Most popular of ReGrained’s products are their two granola bar flavors: Honey Almond IPA Beer Grain Granola Bar and Chocolate Coffee Stout Beer Grain Granola Bar.

Order online or find a store that sells ReGrained products near you—you won’t want to miss out on having a beer and eating one too.


We’ve officially got our hands on two of ReGrained’s granola bars, and we have to say we’re impressed. The first bar, a Honey Almond IPA flavor, offers a beautiful balance of cinnamon honey and oats. You really don’t taste any alcohol or beer, but more of a hearty, grain flavor. The second bar is a Chocolate Coffee Stout flavor. You can definitely notice the dark spent grain in this option, as it gives the entire snack a rich, full bite. Its semi-sweet chocolate and coffee combination is definitely an ideal way to wake yourself up in the morning.

Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast bar or a sensible snack, you really can’t go wrong with ReGrained’s granola bars. They’re easy to carry and even easier to eat, and better yet, they pair perfectly with a nice cold brew.