You’ve heard of the Pickleback shot. But have you ever tried one? The salty, strong flavor of pickle brine neutralizes the burn of whatever you drink before it making for a delicious alcoholic experience.

Pair it with vodka, whiskey, gin or tequila and they’ll all go down smooth. Even though the drinks have different and distinct tastes, the pickle brine compliments them just the same.

But flavored vodka, rum or smoky whiskeys are the exception to the rule. Their sweet or smoky tastes aren’t neutralized by the pickle brine and you could end up with a pretty harsh taste in your mouth.

More and more bars are realizing the benefits of working with pickle juice in their recipes. Offering cocktails as well as the traditional Pickleback shots for chasing gives the bartenders more to experiment with. The trend also keeps things interesting for the customer and widens their ever expanding portfolio of consumed drinks.

So what are you waiting for? Try something new this weekend at the bar. It just might be your new favorite thing.