Just because you’re eating more food than is medically advisable this week doesn’t mean you need to consume an equal amount of alcohol. Remember to keep it classy. You aren’t around your friends this week, you’re around your potentially racist family members. Anything you drunkenly say can and will be used against you at all future gatherings.

So how do you find the balance between enough wine to tolerate your home brewing brother-in-law and little enough wine to stay alert at the dessert table? Pace yourself.

Always stay at least 2 drinks behind your drunk aunt and take advantage of the passed appetizers to give yourself a strong base. No matter how outlandish a statement your grandpa makes about Donald Trump, don’t finish your drink in one sip. The alcohol should kick in just in time for the family to share their baseless early picks for the 2016 NBA Championship.

And if all else fails, slide up a chair at the kids’ table and scoop up all of the delicious sides they’re too picky to eat.