Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday. Too much eating, too much drinking, and then the couch. What a great day. Sure, it’s pretty gluttonous, but once a year…it’s on.

Now the only thing to decide is whether it’s going to be a beer Thanksgiving or a wine Thanksgiving. Always an internal battle. Am I the only one who struggles with booze-indecisiveness? Right now I’m thinking beer for my pre-meal drink and a nice glass of wine to go with dinner. I’ll have an Oktoberfest or maybe a Long Trail Hibernator to stay cool and refreshed in the heat of the kitchen. Then I’ll pour a nice glass of plum wine to compliment the turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Sounds like I’ve overcome my booze indecisiveness, right? Wrong. I’ll change my mind again.

And call me a sap, but it’s also good to be thankful. Many of us have much to be happy about. Me? Good friends, good family, good food, good drink and good memories.

Like the year my Grandmother didn’t realize she had used moldy bread to make the stuffing. “Great stuffing Grams!” (Cue spit-take). True story. Or the year my family wanted to switch things up and have ham on Thanksgiving. True story again. Who does that? It’s just weird. But the all-time best was the year the whole family was in town, all together at one big table. Not scattered across the country, but all in one place, sharing the same meal and toasting the same memories.  And it’s funny how the beer and wine tasted even better those years, when I poured a glass not only for myself and a few other family members, but for the whole gang.

How about you, drinkers of America? What are you thankful for this year?