Ever make a mistake, and it turned about to be freaking awesome? The makers of (oops) wine can relate to that.
(oops) wine was created as a result of mistaken identity. There is a grape called Carmenère and over a century ago, its root stock was transplanted from France to Chile and the grapes were soon forgotten. They grew among Merlot grapes and were assumed to be Merlot until viticulturist Jean-Michel Boursiquit revealed the error in 1994.

Instead of whining about it, (oops) created a special brand of wines made using the Carmenère. Each variety gets a different little twist from using the unique grapes – here’s how (oops) describes the difference:

• Chardonnay: The addition of White Carmenère adds a dimension of sophistication with subtle hints of white pepper and dried herbs.
• Merlot: The Carmenère contributes more mature aromas and sweetness.
• Cabernet Franc: Intense, rich chocolate, and coffee bean aromas introduce a mouth-filling palate with mineral notes, pepper, dry plum, and menthol well-balanced with oak.
• Carmenère: Blackberry aromas are underscored by notes of ground white pepper, spices, and leather.
• Sauvingnon Blanc: This unusual blend of a white and red varietal explodes with intense fruit and the slightest hint of herbs and white pepper from the soupçon of Carmenère.

You should be able to find this fun brand in your local liquor store, but if you’re having a little trouble, use their store locator.

What’s you’re favorite fun wine brand?