There’s nothing better than a seasonal drink you look forward to all year. For some bourbon lovers in America the release of Pappy Van Winkle each fall is the highlight of the season. But this year, they might be robbed of their bourbon fix. Last week, 65 cases of the bourbon disappeared from their warehouse in Frankfort, KY. The thieves took 195 bottles of 20 year aged Pappy Van Winkle which go for over $1,000 each. One restaurant owner in Nashville has a lead on the culprits saying that he was, “pretty sure it was George Clooney and the boys from ‘Ocean’s 11’.” To anyone with information on Pitt, Clooney, and the guys (or a bottle to share), contact us as soon as possible.


What are you willing to spend on luxury? The Macallan distillery is prepared to release their new rare “M” single malt scotch for $4,500 a bottle. While the price may sound crazy, when you consider the individually numbered, handmade, mouth-blown crystal bottles, The Macallan M is justifiably special The scotch has been described as one of the richest ever pulled from The Macallan’s Spanish sherry oak casks. Only 355 of the bottles will be available in the US so save up and don’t miss your chance.


Playing off of popular island spirits, the new Wild Turkey Spiced bourbon is one to be on the looks for this fall. A combination of 6-year-old whiskey and spices creates a sweet and spicy bourbon with rum character and a very distinctive flavor. For all our rum drinkers who might be intrigued by the spiced bourbon we recommend a “darker and stormier” containing 1 oz. Wild Turkey Spiced + 3 oz. Ginger Beer.


Full of rich, intense flavors, the new Johnnie Walker Explorer’s Club Collection truly pays homage to the brand founders, John Walker & sons. There is an array of flavors including apple, pear, fig, and peach in the whiskey that gives it a real kick. The dark amber whiskey is created from the finest oak casks from the reserve cellars of Johnnie Walker. At $159 dollars a bottle, the whiskey is pricey but has a flavor to back it up.


In honor of the pioneers who traveled with whiskey barrels down the Mississippi River, Glenfiddich is launching the Age of Discovery Bourbon Cask Reserve this fall.  The whiskey is aged for 19 years in American oak casks and is a tribute to the American bourbon industry. The Age of Discovery’s unique packaging is decorated with illustrations that represent the winding Mississippi. We recommend this new Glenfiddich reserve to all of the single malt whiskey drinkers with an appreciation for bourbon history. The Age of Discovery Bourbon Cask Reserve is 80 proof and will be available nationally this fall at a price of $149.99.