You may have heard the sad news already, but today marks the beginning of the end; that is, the beginning of the last season of Jersey Shore. What are we supposed to watch when it’s over? Real television? Ugh.

In honor of our favorite hard-partying guidos, we’ve put together this list of drinks that played an important role in the show we loved to hate.

Jager Bombs
This is your basic guido drink. Pour a Red Bull into a pint glass, pour a shot of Jagermeister, drop the shot into the pint glass and DRINK.

Ron Ron Juice
Ronnie has his own favorite drink that he likes to blend up before a big night out on the town. Get your blender out and throw all of these ingredients in:
• Stoli vodka
• Cranberry juice
• Watermelon juice
• Maraschino cherries
• Ice
Disclaimer: Ronnie said “it’s always a filthy night” when he has Ron Ron Juice, so be careful.

Snooki Snack
This is a drink at Beachcomber Bar & Grill that Snooki would order every other day, according to the owner. It used to be called the Scooby Snack, but after Snooki ordered it so many times, they decided to rename it for her. It’s coconut rum, creme de bananes, melon liqueur, pineapple juice and whipped cream.

We will miss those silly Jersey Shorers, but their memory will live on in our liquor cabinet.