Guinness Red Harvest Stout

Tis the season for the shelves to be stocked with seasonal flavored booze. Apple flavored hard cider, cinnamon whiskey and pumpkin beers dominate this time of year and now Guinness is jumping on the fall flavored bandwagon.


Rivaling all of the pumpkin ales out there, Guinness has released their Red Harvest Stout in the U.S. Inspired by the Celtic festival of Samhain (aka Halloween), the 4.1% ABV beer was brewed with lightly roasted barley. The result is a classic Guinness taste with caramel and toffee flavors plus a red hue.  In a season ruled by pumpkin, Guinness is looking to offer an alternative that has just as much flavor but stands out in the fall crowd.


Red Harvest debuted at the beginning of September in four-packs of 14.9 oz. cans. In the next few weeks, the beer will be available nationwide in stores and at bars. Guinness typically shies away from the seasonal beer hype, but Red Harvest Stout might be the perfect alternative when you’ve had one too many Pumpkinheads. We’ll find out this fall.