tumblr_ndxumwE6KB1tzjdcto1_1280On November 1st, Guinness released its new lavish, limited edition amber ale that caused conversation among beer connoisseurs. The ultra premium beer—prepared with both beer malt and whiskey malt—is inspired by a 200 year old recipe, as it’s brewed with the same Guinness yeast that’s been utilized by the company for 125 years. With only 90,000 bottles produced, The 1759 is more than just a beer—it’s a chance to be a part of Guinness’s brewing history.

Created to commemorate the year Arthur Guinness established the brand at Dublin’s St. James’s Gate brewery, the ale features both a new style and flavor while under the Guinness trademark. Besides its sleek design and deluxe packaging, the brew also offers unique flavors and a creative combination of ingredients. Containing a complex, mellow caramel taste, The 1759 mixes the aromas of rich butterscotch with notes of soft hops.

The 1759 is the first submission in the new Guinness Signature Series, which offers a range of limited edition luxury beers, introducing a new, commemorative recipe each year. As the first to be introduced in this “beer renaissance,” The 1759 will give beer drinkers more options for various occasions, from fine dining to grand gifting.

Available online, in select bars, and in liquor stores in 750 mL bottles (9% ABV) for $34.99, this brew certainly emanates quality—and for a reasonable price.