When we think of popcorn, it’s either covered in butter at a movie theater or caramel coated in a giant holiday tin. But British entrepreneur Joseph Sopher of Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn took one of our favorite treats to the next level. His wacky idea to start selling gourmet popcorn in the UK became more successful than he ever imagined. From Truffle to Blue Cheese with Walnut & Celery to Gingerbread—Sopher isn’t afraid to try unique flavors. A challenge from a bartender resulted in the thing that caught our eye: alcoholic popcorn.

With 5% alcohol and now served with cocktails in London, the Fruity Cosmopolitan, Crisp Gin & Tonic, Refreshing Mojito, and Zippy Margarita are customer favorites. Sopher’s process lets him layer flavors into different stages of the coating. The tasting notes for the Cosmopolitan start with fruity citrus and finish with cranberry and spirits while the Margarita slides from lime to salt to tequila and triple sec. The alcoholic popcorn is just as natural and carefully made as his other treats—it’s easy to see why people love it. Even after four years, Sopher’s popcorn is all still air popped and made by hand. Pastry chefs knead in the flavorings—which are all natural. His secret is in coating the kernels with caramel made from fresh butter. This medium lets Sopher infuse the natural ingredients he uses for his bold seasonings.

If you don’t live in the UK, you’re still in luck. You can buy Joe & Seph’s online! We’ll be over here trying to decide which flavor we want to try first….