It’s really nothing new. We’ve all seen the tequila lagers on shelves right next to the wine flavored ales while the brandy vodkas are the next aisle over. This odd but predictable hybrid booze trend has taken the drinking world by storm and Grey Goose is (finally) jumping on the bandwagon.

This week Grey Goose announced the launch of their new Cognac infused vodka titled VX. Officially hitting the market September 1, VX is a blend of Grande Champagne Cognac grapes that have been barrel-aged up to two years and Grey Goose vodka. We already know Grey Goose has a decent base so adding barrel-aged champagne grapes really can’t hurt the flavor.

But before you go jumping on a bottle, there is a catch. At first the bottles will be rolled out to high-end bars and nightclubs throughout the U.S. A limited supply of bottles will be produced each year at $74.99 a piece, a pretty penny for a 750 ml. of vodka.

Would you lay down the cash for this new hybrid booze?