In 2011, a homemade cocktail from Southern France took the rest of the country by storm. In the land of devine wine it seemed strange for Maison Castel, a world-renowned Bordelaise wine producer, to release, Very Pamp, a bottled cocktail of rosé wine mixed with grapefruit juice. However, within no time it soon became a national favorite for summertime.

No one was sure exactly what quality of the light pink hue beverage made it so popular but nevertheless sales of grapefruit rosé increased 125 percent from March 2012 to March 2013, and 22 million liters of flavored wine were sold in that year alone in France.

In 2012, other winemakers jumped on the bandwagon, producing not only their own versions of grapefruit rosé, yet none came close to the success of the original. The refreshing slighty tart taste in the warm summer sun was kicking out any other rosé wine, kir, or cocktail all across France.

Then came along the winemakers at Château Poulvère, near Bordeau launched Twenty Wine (a play on French homophones vingt which means 20, and vin which means wine) in May of 2012. It was an AOP wine at 11.5 ABV, flavored with Monin fruit syrup.

Twenty Wine started its line with three flavors: grapefruit rosé, peach white, and white chocolate white, then added cherry red, rose petal rosé, and gingerbread red the following year. All wines retail under $10. All are AOP Bergérac wines that bring flavors and aromas of their own to the cocktail. Francis Borderie, Poulvère’s fourth generation winemaker tells,

“The most important thing is that there be a good balance between the wine and the syrup.” In their case, 90 percent wine to 10 percent syrup.

If you are beginning to get nervous that you will have to travel to France to taste this new bottled cocktail, have no fear. The wine will launch in wine shops in the U.S next month under the brand Raleuses.

In the meant time there are a handful of grapefruit-flavored rosé wines that you can already get in the U.S: Meadowsweet Rosé, a brand commercialized by French wine giant Nicolas in 2011; Ruby Red Rosé with Grapefruit, released in 2015; and ABV Fine Wine & Spirits’ Pulse, flavored with both grapefruit and peach, also in 2015.

 ***D.I.Y. Grapefruit Wine***

The good news is, if you’re unable to find bottled grapefruit rosé in time for your next craving or summer time BBQ, you can make a version all on your own! Simply combine a bottle of dry French rosé wine with the juice of one pink grapefruit. Add a splash of simple syrup to taste, or not. Just be sure to serve over ice, or with frozen grapefruit segments to keep the drink icy cold.