Boston based Harpoon Brewery has released their latest beer with summer on the brain. Big Squeeze Shandy is the new brew in their UFO series and is on shelves now. An unfiltered wheat beer, Big Squeeze has been blended with grapefruit juice that gives it a sweet, tart and seriously unique taste. It’s refreshing enough for a summer night but we couldn’t drink more than one or two. The summer seasonal shandy will be sold in six packs for $7.99 or twelve packs.


We say we would love to drink beer for forty days straight, but could we really do it? Toronto resident Chris Schryer decided that this Lent he was going to give up food and stick to the brew. The (very) brave and slightly insane Canadian plans to drink beer for every meal until Lent ends on April 17. Don’t worry – he’s supplementing his diet with water, juice and tea to stay hydrated. Our one question: how does he control those drunchies?


Technically cider but it still counts. If you’ve ever been to London, you’ve heard the words “Strongbow and black.” The classic cider and black currant combo is a staple in pubs across the U.K. and has brought it’s popularity to the U.S. Heineken, owner of Strongbow, is revamping their original recipe and debuting Strongbow Gold Apple Hard Cider and Strongbow Honey & Apple Hard Cider. The two new 5% ABV ciders are fermented with Golden Delicious apples and will replace the original recipe that they’ve already started to fade out. We’ll see if these two new flavors can replace the classic taste of Strongbow.


New Belgium Brewing, a Colorado favorite, has unveiled one of their latest specialty releases in their Lips of Faith series: Gruit Ale. Made using an ancient brewery method, Gruit is brewed with malts, wheat, oats and a special herb mixture of worwood, elderflower and others. The 6.6% ABV beer is herbal, minty and has a hint of floral flavors. Look for it in Colorado in special 22 oz. bottles.