government shutdown alcohol

We don’t care whose fault it is. Besides closing down our local parks and affecting our healthcare, this shutdown has become a major buzzkill in the drinking world and we’re over it.


Breweries, wineries and distilleries have been feeling the pain since the shutdown started seven days ago. Along with a slew of other federal organizations, the Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau is suspended during this ridiculous government catfight. So how does that affect our booze? The Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau is responsible for licensing any new breweries, distilleries and wineries and approving all labels and formulas for new and existing alcohol brands. Essentially, they keep the new booze flowing from new recipes, brands, permits, etc.


Most affected by this shutdown are the smaller distilleries and breweries out there. In a world where they’re constantly popping up, there is a high demand for new beers and flavors. Without approval from the Bureau, they can no longer move forward with building their brewery or bottling their latest recipe for rosemary vodka. They’re at a standstill. The big names like Absolut or Bacardi aren’t feeling the same kind of pressure since they don’t rely on product innovation to grow sales. They can wait it out.


So how does this affect you? If you’re visiting your favorite local brewery this weekend, don’t expect to see any new brews because they couldn’t get approval. If there’s a new winery breaking ground to open near you, they might have to wait a little bit longer to start planting the seeds.


Do you know any local breweries or distilleries that have been affected by the shutdown? Share their stories below.