To properly honor National Banana Bread Day we have nominated Korval Millet Whiskey to represent our enthusiasm in a glass today.

And here’s why:

Koval has combined a waft of spiced smoked banana, and coconut with the taste of spicy, charred oak, caramel, and banana cream pie. This is all topped off with the lingering presence of vanilla, coconut, clove and banana in the back end. This whiskey is an adventure in a bottle. The seemingly complex flavor profile is surprisingly easy to drink. We invite you to join us on this voyage, and suggest that you rethink the bite and burn of whiskey with us. The Koval craft distillery was established by a couple in 2008 in Chicago, and all of their whiskey is organic and matured in 30 gallon oak barrels, making for a unique wooden flavor. So, grab a bottle to celebrate National Banana Bread Day and you will not be disappointed.