homeWe think that having a good craft beer is a reward in itself, but for those of you that need some positive reinforcement, there’s a fun new app on the market to add some excitement to your drinking.


BeerHunt by The Monkey Inferno was launched recently at DEMO Mobile 2013 in San Francisco and ended up winning the entire conference. It turns drinking into a game and you get points every time you log a beer into your beer profile (the amount of points depends on what kind of beer it is). You know Foursquare? It’s like that. But for beer.


The app is in its infancy, so it can only get better from here. As of now, it has features like:

  • Logging your favorite beer when you’re drinking
  • Earning bonus points for unique craft beers
  • The ability to compete with your friends
  • Viewing a visual display of your beer drinking history with the “Drink-o-Graphic”


The guys behind BeerHunt are planning to add real rewards and prizes, aside from the bragging rights you can already get. They’re going to add deals for free beer, brewery tours and other beer-related goodies. Product Manager Shaan Puri said they’ve already awarded beta testers of the app with private tastings and they’re working on adding taste profiles for beers as a way to educate app users who don’t have as much knowledge of craft beer.


There are a lot of drinking apps on the market right now, but we are more than willing to give BeerHunt a shot. If it was able to take the top prize at a big mobile conference, there has to be something to it. It seems like it’s a simple concept that just works – if you’re in to drinking beer and some healthy competition among friends, we think it’s perfect.