To people without Celiac Disease, it may seem like everything is becoming gluten-free these days. Is it all really necessary? If you are one of the 2 million people in the United States with the disease, then yes, it really is necessary.

Having access to gluten-free food and drink is the key to eliminating painful and debilitating symptoms. So, to mark National Celiac Disease Awareness Day (September 13 – today!), we want to help individuals suffering from Celiac Disease learn about the types of liquors and cocktails they can enjoy during a night on the town or even at home on their couch.

When it comes to those with Celiac Disease consuming alcohol, the general consensus is that it is OK to drink any distilled alcohol. It is highly recommended, however, that when you first start drinking, you do so in small amounts to see how your unique body reacts. Some alcohol will not always be completely distilled, and some flavoring in hard liquor contains gluten, so never just jump into a drink without a little caution.


As a celiac, wine is your best friend. All wines are gluten-free because they are made from grapes and not from any type of grain-based product. Just be careful with wine coolers; don’t go for the ones that are malt beverages.

Hard Liquor

If you are a fan of hard liquor, you still have many, many options. Go for bourbon, brandy, gin, rum, sake, whiskey, tequila or vodka.


Beer is the trickiest for celiacs because grain is a major part of many different beers. There are several brewers now, however, that are catering to those seeking gluten-free beers and they’re using non-gluten ingredients like corn, rice, and buckwheat.

Make This At Home 

Need a gluten-free cocktail recipe for tonight? Try this Blood Orange Margarita:

  • Fill an 8 oz. glass with ice.
  • Pour in 1 oz. blanco/white tequila, 1/2 oz. Grand Marnier, 6 oz. Aranciata Rossa San Pellegrino (Blood Orange), and the juice of 1 lime wedge.
  • Stir to combine and garnish with an orange wheel.

As someone with Celiac Disease, is there a specific alcohol or cocktail that has become your “go-to” drink? Please share it with us in the comments section!