Let’s be honest, if we had the choice of being gifted with flowers or a bottle of booze this Valentine’s Day we’d go with the liquid love, however, why chose one when you can have both! Whether you’re sending something special to your sweetheart or drinking your loneliness away this weekend, Ultra has you covered. This Valentine’s Day weekend Ultra and Bloompop are teaming up to deliver a perfect pairing to the city of DC.

If you are in the area and ordering online via Ultra you will see that in the drop down menu there is a flowers option to add to your delivery. Within the hour not only will you have a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but also a nice little adult beverage on hand. To top it all off the sweethearts behind the partnership are even giving a $10 discount on your order when you enter the code CUPID! So cheers to Saint Valentine this weekend, and send your loved one…or yourself some roses & a bottle of wine to celebrate.