Nothing brings the family together like the holidays and a gulp or two of liquor. Still stumped on what to get someone on your list? We’ve got a few ideas for you based solely on what they prefer in their glass:

The phrase, “a gift that keeps on giving” has never been more applicable. Give a gift that will literally continue for three+ months. That way, whoever you end up gifting this to will think of your beautiful, shining, face with every drink they have.

Tasting Room – an uber-personalized service that creates a wine profile based on your tasting experience. It’s like they’re in your brain or something.

Mel & Rose Champagne Club – get in touch with your high-society side with this year long commitment to bubbles. Each month will bring two different sparkling wines or champagnes.

Wine Globe’s Rum of the Month Club – at the end of a long day, coming home to a new bottle of rum is just what you might need. Or want. Same thing, right?

Caskers – although this subscription is on the pricey side, it’ll mean the world to the whiskey lover in your family. Three bottles every quarter does magic.

Bitters and Bottles – be your own bartender with this self-help subscription to the ingredients for the best cocktails around.

The Craft Beer Club – as one of the most prevalent subscription services around, this one is simple. Expand you beer palate.

Club W  – their line is, “right from the Vineyard to your doorstep.” While that’s hard to believe, the wines are just that good that we’ll agree to embellish upon the truth.

Flaviar – feel an urge to try more brands of spirits? You’re in luck. Gift this subscription, and coincidentally find your way over to your friend’s house.