giphyIt’s still a little hard to believe 2016 is over. The year was filled with a lot of ups and downs but thankfully, it rocked musically. We took a look at Billboard’s Top 10 Hits from 2016 and decided to pair a cocktail with each track. With some of the catchiest songs ever written- no one can refuse to sing along to these tunes.

  1. Love Yourself — Justin Bieber: Twisted Tea. This song is perf for blasting on a warm, sunny day with your girl friends and singing along at the top of your lungs (probably off tune, but who cares).
  2. Sorry — Justin Bieber: Strawberry Daiquiri. Like this song, this cocktail screams fun.
  3. One Dance — Drake: Vodka Soda. This song is the ultimate bar song. Everyone knows the words. And everyone loves a vodka soda.
  4. Work — Rihanna ft. Drake: Sex on the Beach. ‘Cuz Rihanna. And Drake.
  5. Stressed Out — twenty one pilots: Any IPA or craft beer. This is for all you with an ~alternative~ edge.
  6. Panda — Desiigner: Tequila shots. If you’re listening to this song, you’re getting pumped up to have an awesome night. Tequila shots will jump start your evening for sure.
  7. Hello — Adele: Red wine. This song is for wallowing in your sorrows and also drowning them in wine.
  8. Don’t Let Me Down — The Chainsmokers ft. Daya: Long Island Iced Tea. This song is a little heavy and dark. Just like your night will be after a few LI’s.
  9. Can’t Stop The Feeling! — Justin Timberlake: Any fruity cocktail. Preferably with some sort of lid because you can’t help but dance to this song.
  10. Closer — The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey: Any tall boy of beer. This song was probably played about 100x times at every darty (or dager, or whatever you like to call your day parties).