20141021_Mix_HeroThat’s right, it’s true—the Chicago-based deal site launched a new, private wine collection through its ecommerce operation, Groupon Goods. The cat-themed wine label includes a range of four different wines, Snazzy Cat Chardonnay, Top Cat Merlot, Chatty Cat Cabernet Sauvignon, and Jazzy Cat Pinot Noir.

A part of Groupon’s holiday promotion, this elite wine assortment is bottled at Seattle’s Rainer Wine Company and, according to the company, “sourced from some of California’s best wine-growing regions.” It will be offered in packages of six bottles for $50, or a sample pack including all four wines.

Exclusively available on Groupon, each bottle contains complex, unique flavors:

Snazzy Cat Chardonnay: notes of melon, pear and apple combined with touches of cinnamon and vanilla for a creamy finish.

Top Cat Merlot: blackberries and plum counteract the rich sweetness of vanilla and spice for a versatile option.

Chatty Cat Cabernet Sauvignon: ripe cherry and berry balanced with flavors of mocha, black pepper, and sweet preserves offer a “soft expression of the grape.”

Jazzy Cat Pinot Noir: French and American oak adds a complex vanilla aroma to the taste of intense black cherry.

So what do you think—will you be buying exclusive­ booze from Groupon Goods?