ugly sweater run

The holidays would be nothing without friends and family, holiday spirit, and most importantly the drinks. In the name of the impending winter months, here is the latest news from the beer world.


December is almost here and we’re ready to stock up on holiday drinks we love. Playing into our festive mindset, Anchor Brewing released their latest “White Christmas.”.The 90 proof 2013 Christmas Ale has flavors of orange and apple is distilled from the leftovers of their 2012 Christmas Ale Beer. Our only problem with the White Christmas is it will be solely available in California for the Christmas season and will not be consumed anywhere with snow on the ground until 2014.


There is one true sign of friendship: when you can make fun of that person and still remain the best of pals. That’s the spirit behind Off Color Brewing’s new release, “Screw You Jeremy Danner.” The new gin barrel-aged Lemon Radler beer is part of an inside joke between Off Color Brewing co-founder John Laffer and his good friend Danner, a brewer at Boulevard Brewing. Danner hates radlers so naturally his friend had to make fun of him for it. The beer has a lemon soda after taste that makes it a real thirst quencher and the gin barrel adds some great floral flavors. There’s no word yet on if/when the Screw You brew will be available nationally but we’ll keep you updated.


Normally we would never suggest slugging a beer post-run but how else are you going to stay warm after the Ugly Sweater Run? Yes that’s right. Grab your ugliest holiday sweater and run with the craziest of them in this beer fueled 5k. The best part about this race – it ends with winter lager and hard cider. Each runner gets their fair share of booze if they’re of age. Now that’s a run we’re willing to make.