Get to know Strathearn Distillery Honeyberry Gin

Spirits September 19, 2016 No Comments.

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honeyberry-ginScotland’s own Strathearn Distillery recently released “the world’s first” honeyberry gin. Made from Angus-grown honeyberries, the new spirit boasts a juniper-led berry flavor and a light magenta hue. Unlike most flavored liquors, Honeyberry Gin maintains a 40% ABV without sacrificing its berry profile.

The first round of this delicious berry gin was released on September 12 and will continue to be released in small batches of 500 bottles. So make sure to scoop it up from the liquor store whenever you can! The distillery promises to use the “superfruit” in future products, and has already announced plans to produce honeyberry wine, fizz and port-style beverages in the next couple of years.

The honeyberry is packed with anti-oxidants and Vitamin C- allowing you to convince yourself that G&T’s have some nutritious value to them. So start thinking of some creative new gin drink recipes and get your phones ready to post an Instagram of a super cool magenta colored drink.


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