Give me $20 regular, a bag of Fritos, and 64 oz of IPA. In a growing number of gas stations across America, this is a legitimate request. With about 35 states legalizing beer taps at your local Sunoco, cross-country road trips just got a whole lot more fun.

They each sell reusable 64 oz growlers, fill them with a local brew, and seal ‘em up for you to bring home. It’s catching on because brewers have found that their customers like to decide how much they drink and when. Bottles are great, but they’re a commitment if you’re only looking to have a taste. With a growler you can fill a Dixie cup or a bucket for a reasonable price.

Some stations only have 3 options, but other boast over 20 taps. If your state hasn’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, we’d say this is as good a time as any to give your congressman a call.