What if we told you that before being bottled, every single drop of G-Spirits’ booze is poured over the bare breasts of a certified model. Yes, it’s true, and the German liquor firm, selling rum, whiskey and vodka, performs such a procedure (with models’ permission, of course) to add that “something special” to their brand.

For $180, you can buy one of the mere five thousand bottles of G-Spirits’ barrel-aged whiskey that’s been completely cascaded over the chest of Hungary’s 2012 playmate of the year, Alexa Varga. Not only do you get those, um, perks, but also a quality tasting treat. G-Spirits’ whiskey is well-rounded, having a flavor range of roasted nuts, toffee, honey, fruit and vanilla with subtle notes of cinnamon and spice. Still, if you’re on a budget, you can purchase the $165 bottle of G-Spirits’ rum—either way, you’ll receive your lustful liquor along with a certificate and model signature proving that every drop has touched her skin. What a steal.

For those of you wondering about G-Spirits’ health regulations, let us reassure you—the company swears it’s a stickler for health standards. During the booze-to-boob splash routine, medical personal are present to check for a clean and secure environment and model.

Intrigued yet? Or are you just wondering why? G-Spirits’ founders boast their booze is worth the steep price: it’s as close as many of you will ever get to touching a model’s body. How intimate.