Going back to the lay of the land, we like to take the time to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, like beer. Over in San Francisco, The Almanac Beer Company is working to showcase the natural beauty of Northern California by using only local fruits and ingredients in their innovative and inspired brews.

Brewing with the farmer’s almanac in their back pocket, Almanac Beer Co. goes the extra mile to stay in tune with mother nature, brewing according to local ingredients that are in season. What truly makes Almanc unique is their use of local fruit which aligns with their farm to table mission. Blueberry, pumpkin, lemongrass and blackberry are all natural flavors (just to name a few) utilized in a variety of Almanac brews. These fruit flavors also shine through in their sour beers, a trend the company has embraced since the beginning!

The company originally began brewing in 2010 specifically to complement the local cuisine of Northern California, however they have since broadened their horizons. Almanac Beer is now bringing the fresh taste of Cali to a variety of states around the nation including Oregon, Colorado and New York. We can only hope this beer, which takes seasonality to heart, is available across the country very soon!