The word “pow-wow” comes from the native Algonquin term for gathering. That’s exactly what Pow-wow Botanical Rye is – a gathering of some of the most unique flavors we’ve come across in a whiskey.


Pow-wow comes from Georgetown Trading Company and is one of the little known treasures of the rye whiskey world. Good thing you have us to uncover these gems for you. We’ll admit, we were a little hesitant about the “botanical” label, but with infused ingredients like saffron, orange, spice and vanilla we couldn’t open the bottle fast enough.


When you first open the intricately designed bottle of Pow-wow the smell is sweet, with flowery notes from the infused flavors. The orange and vanilla notes come through the strongest, not what we expected when we saw the word botanical. We won’t lie, we half expected to have the taste of flowers in our mouth for days but Pow-wow Botanical packs some serious flavor. Between the hints of citrus and spice mixed with a vanilla sweetness, there is an awesome rye whiskey flavor that you can’t deny. The botanical taste makes the whiskey (almost too) easy to drink straight, no mixing necessary. Any alcohol burn is masked by flavors and great taste. We just couldn’t stop sipping on this one.


A rye whiskey of this caliber won’t come cheap. At $40 a bottle, we know the price is steep but we promise it’s worth it. If you’re a true whiskey connoisseur, pick up a bottle of Pow-wow Botanical Rye and enjoy.