Naked Jay. How could we not try this vodka? Even better are the flavors we received: Big Dill and Gooey Buns. Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to crack them open.


Naked Jay Big Dill: The name certainly delivers. If the bottle didn’t say vodka on it, we would’ve thought it was a jar of pickle juice. The smell of vinegar and garlic coming from the bottle paired with the electric lime color is scary at first, but not a complete turn-off. Our main takeaway: Big Dill is all pickle. The vodka burn doesn’t come until after you have a few sips at which point the salty pickle flavor gets a little overwhelming when you drink it neat. It’s definitely weird, and we don’t recommend it to everyone. If you have a taste for salty, savory flavors this could find its way into your Bloody Mary or dirty martini. This is pretty obvious, but if you don’t like pickles, don’t drink it.


Naked Jay Gooey Buns: As you can imagine, this vodka tastes like an ooey gooey sticky cinnamon bun. But don’t get too excited, yet. The cinnamon sweet scent reminds us of our mom’s favorite holiday candle (not a bad thing). Frosting, sugar, icing, dough, and cinnamon bun are only a few of the things the flavor of Gooey Buns compares to. Even our resident sweet vodka lover couldn’t handle this one neat. It has a slight chemical flavor that can easily be masked in a good cocktail, but please don’t shoot it (unless it’s a birthday cake shot, or you’re looking for liquid frosting).


Big Dill and Gooey Buns weren’t our favorite, but we won’t be forgetting them anytime soon. At $15 a bottle they’re cheap enough to try, or give someone as a gag gift. If you taste them, let us know what you think.