Arnold Palmer fans— step right up! This may just be the best way to drink your favorite summertime combo. That is, of course, if you have an incurable sweet tooth.


After trying all 7 flavors of Firefly’s Sweet Tea Vodka, one thing is for sure–if sugar isn’t your thing, steer clear.  Whether mixed with lemonade and iced tea or simply on the rocks, the after-affects of this darkly tinted vodka will be nothing short of a sugar high.


Although a few of the flavors proved they could stand on their own, the others had a hard time impressing us.


Here’s the full breakdown:


Peach Tea- Definitely one of the front-runners of the bunch. The peach tea was enjoyable on ice and had a refreshing taste similar to Snapple. It went down smooth and was tasty enough to hide any harsh vodka bite.


Bourbon- For a true whiskey drinker this may not become your new favorite, but if you’re partial to Southern Comfort this could be its candy bar cousin. The tea seems to get lost in the sweet whiskey flavor, making lemonade or iced tea unnecessary. The bourbon is best enjoyed simply over ice.


Raspberry Tea- Smirnoff, is that you? The tea definitely got left out of this batch, and left behind your average raspberry vodka. This one should probably sit out for your next round of drinks.


Skinny Tea – If you’re worried about cals from sweets then Sweet Tea Vodka may not be the beverage for you. BUT if you insist on a firefly fix, the skinny tea tastes just like the original sweet tea but without all the calorie trouble. Truvia is used as sweetener, with only zero calories vs. regular sugar with 15 calories per teaspoon.


Mint Tea- Leave the altoids at home, the burn of this mint flavor will get you before the vodka does. Definitely would not recommend adding this to your Arnold Palmer but if you want to freshen your breath just throw it over some ice.


Lemon Tea- The lemon tea was another strong contender. The versatile flavor blended well with lemonade and iced tea. This went down almost as nicely as the peach tea.


Sweet Tea Vodka – Original is always best. The sweet tea taste was clearly evident within the first sip, and offered the beginnings to a fantastic Drunken Arnold Palmer.


If you have yet to jump on the Firefly bandwagon, we suggest you do so now. You’ll be just in time for #FourthofFirefly:


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